Minis For Sale

Minis For Sale. Classic Minis For sale around the UK

The Classic Irreplaceable and well Loved Mini. The Mini production line opened in 1959 and continued through various Manufacturers until 2000.

Numerous different models have been produced and various special or linted editions later in the production. Original Mark 1 Minis restored to Showroom condition are now fetching extremely high prices. With Cooper and Cooper S the most highly prized Examples.

Commercial Minis i.e. the Mini Van and Mini Pickup prices are now rising. But these are still able to be picked up reasonably if your willing to put the work in to get them looking right.

A Selection of Used Classic "original" style Minis for sale around the UK. Lovely minis to Basket case restoration projects, Including MK1 and Cooper and cooper s models For Sale. Proper Motoring in a Mini.

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